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Sky Development

Founded in 2006 after success with Toledano Holdings LLC and Skyrise Development Group; the culmination of a dream for Yizhak Toledano, Sky Development is one of the most preeminent real estate investment companies operating in Florida today. Sky Development is the developer and management team behind some of the most prestigious and well-known residential and commercial real estate developments in Florida as well as further afield. With a unique philosophy and business practice, the Sky Development team, led by Yizhak Toledano, is continually looking for innovative ways to improve. Grow, expand and deliver excellent real estate properties to the benefit of all. Sky Development is active in development of new properties, rehabilitation and renovation of existing properties as well as acquisitions and real estate investment. The company provides a comprehensive service to clients who are looking for a complete property solution. Sky Development has assembled a team of experts to advise on asset management, market assessment, public funding and finance arrangement. Sky Development is the owner and manager of some of Florida’s most exclusive and innovative properties. The company portfolio includes residential and commercial developments as well as hotels, retail, office space and a number of the first mixed-use developments in Florida.

Why Market Assessment is Vital Today – Sky Development

Sky Development never undertakes any development with first performing and preparing a complete market assessment. It’s an important part of the best business practices of the company and a vital tool in the initial stages of development and planning. One of the most essential factors at the start of any development plan is that of supply and demand. To ensure success and sustainability, each property must be properly assessed as part of a feasibility study as well as an impact study. Each potential property is assessed with one parameter in mind: Will it be a sustainable development and will it benefit the area that it serves? Sky Development has gathered a top-notch team of experts from all related fields including architects, engineers, financial investment specialists and environmentalists, to enable an accurate assessment of each property for their clients and investors.

Sky Development Portfolio

The Sky Development Portfolio started with a couple of small apartment buildings in Miami and has grown rapidly to include some of the most innovative and creative developments in the Sunshine State. Sky Development is one of the pioneers of mixed-use developments in Florida. When Yizhak Toledano moved to the USA and started, what was to become Sky Development he knew that the market was ripe for his ideas about community living and developments. Since then the company has developed complexes in Miami, Palm Beach and across the state, and recently expanded across the country to Nevada with the luxury ‘The Residence at Canyon Gate’ near Las Vegas.

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